Girl’s Generation’s Seohyun prays for a miracle following ferry disaster

22 April 2014 / 2 years 6 months ago

Girl’s Generation’s Seohyun joins other celebrities in expressing their support for the victims of the Sewol ferry incident and is praying for a miracle.

In a tweet in Korean on April 20, she says, “They must have cried until their tears have dried up..their pain from having their hearts torn apart is unimaginable..I hope nothing more happens that will hurt them..I hope a miracle happens..I earnestly pray..All those people who died..I pray that you go to a good place...We mourn for you..”

A ferry which was carrying over 400 passengers which was travelling from Incheon to Jeju Island sank off the coast of Jindo on April 16. On April 20, 58 were reported dead and 244 passengers were still missing

Seohyun, SNSD
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