Gillian Chung's boyfriend spotted shopping with Korean actress

12 April 2013 / 3 years 6 months ago

Amidst rising tensions between North and South Korea, Gillian Chung's Korean boyfriend Tyler was spotted shopping with Korean actress Han Ga-in at Causeway Bay, Hong Kong.The two were said to be picking outfits for an awards ceremony and the actress appeared to be in a good mood. The Moon Embracing the Sun star later walked out of a trendy boutique wearing a white t-shirt which she bought from the shop. reports TTVB Newsworld. Tyler and Ga-in reportedly headed to the washrooms separately after they discovered the presence of reporters while their bodyguards attempted to block the cameras with their bodies. The actress re-appeared after putting on a pair of sunglasses and the two duo eventually left the mall under the escort of the guards.In a phone interview, Tyler said that he is not too worried about the situation back home and Gillian, who is currently filming in China, also said that she is not troubled by it as her boyfriend is in Hong Kong.When asked if she is concerned about the safety of Tyler's family, the Twins member expressed her hopes for world peace and voiced her worries for citizens of both countries should a war break out between North and South Korea.

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