Gillian Chung speaks about break-up with Korean BF -- for the first time

7 July 2013 / 3 years 3 months ago

Gillian Chung's romance with her Korean ex-boyfriend, Tyler, ended after just 10 months of dating. And for the first time, Gillian has broken her silence and spoken about the reason for their break-up, reports Asian Pop News. Citing the different personalities between the two, Gillian said: "We had different lifestyles. I am a homely girl, whereas he is more high profile. "I like to stay at home, whereas he would request for me to go out. "Besides our different lifestyles, we also had different personalities."Gillian also analysed what went wrong, and spoke about how this relationship has changed her."I behaved like a little girl in the past. I would flare up at every little thing and felt that it was a man's job to coax the girl. "I also did not cherish every relationship. An Aquarius girl just likes to do whatever that pleases her. "However, I have changed and know how to accomodate others now."She added, "There is one thing that never changes though. I am never after any good-looking guys."The 32-year-old also vowed to be single for 2 years, and use the opportunity to learn more to upgrade herself.

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