Gillian Chung says having Korean BF will benefit her career

14 March 2013 / 3 years 7 months ago

As the first time making an appearance in Hong Kong with her boyfriend Tyler, Gillian entered the venue wearing a tube dress alongside good sister Charlene Choi who wore a sleeveless dress. Asian Fanatics reported that the day before, Gillian boldly attended a movie premiere in South Korea with Tyler. She was asked if the two of them being in the same company would be beneficial for her career development. She bluntly replied, "Of course! But it may not be considered favouring me. You will know shortly, I do not want to talk about it." (When asked if he would push her to advance in South Korea, she said "At the moment there are no plans." Regarding Gillian's boyfriend successfully signing the contract to be her manager in South Korea and the United States, she replied, "How do you know?" When asked if she will advance to other areas, she said "This is still being discussed, but he has his plans."

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