Gillian Chung now hates her new name

27 September 2013 / 3 years 1 month ago

During the press conference of the movie, "Fox Lover", in Beijing, Gillian Chung revealed she does not take a fancy to her new name.

The 32-year-old  singer has certainly made things complicated for her fans -- by changing her name four times to date. 

Ah Gil's birth name was "Chung Tik Shan" (鍾狄珊), then her name changed to "Chung Ka Lai" (鍾嘉勵) and when she made her debut in showbiz, she changed to her stage name "Chung Yun Tung" (鍾欣桐).

Last month, Ah Gil announced on Weibo that her name has officially changed to "Chung Yun Tung"(鍾欣潼), which is the same pronunciation but different "Tung" character.

Ah Gil changed her Weibo account to her new name and wrote a surprising message: "Its not an oversight, I changed my name.

Ah Gil had four different names in her lifetime, Netizens speculated she changed her name so many times because she wanted to change her fortune/fate.

When asked during the press conference whether her name change was in search of marriage destined by fate, she bluntly said that was said from reporters.

In fact, she said she did not like her new name at all.

However, her management company said that it would be good for her career, so she changed it.

She said that she also has mixed feelings because she has already used this name for so many years.

But, she also indicated that the word used in her previous name (third name change) was too refined and gentle, unlike herself.

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