Gillian Chung humiliates herself and scares fans when she opens her mouth

3 January 2014 / 2 years 9 months ago

Several days ago, a video of Gillian Chung (Ah Gil) performing off-key was circulated online.

The video shows Gillian performing her award-winning song 习惯冬眠 (Inertia Hibernation) at a music award ceremony, reports Ifeng, China Press, and Ent.163 via TVB Newsworld.

She publicly humiliated herself, frightening music fans as soon as she opened her mouth!

As soon as she opened her mouth when she went on stage to perform, it was simply 'jaw-dropping in all directions' because it was not simply off-key.

Many netizens said: "Ah Gil really wants to hibernate, not a single note was correct, her singing abilities are truly 'world-class'.

She was also criticized for having made no improvement in her singing after all this time.

Gillian said: "I did not go off-key! I only forgot lyrics."

Source: Ifeng, China Press, Ent.163 TVB Newsworld

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