Gillian Chung cheated into buying lousy condo due to her greed?

4 March 2014 / 2 years 7 months ago

At the 12th IFPI Hong Kong Top Sales Award on Mar 1, Gillian Chung was asked about her mistake of greedily purchasing a discounted condominium unit that turned out to be facing a wall (all windows open up indoors, facing the unit's kitchen and bathroom).

According to an article on Asian Fanatics, Gillian bluntly said that she gives all the financial authority to her mother to control, and does not know anything about purchasing condominiums.

She said, "I do not know about my mom, I was not even in Hong Kong." (Don't you have to sign the contract?) "I do not care. I probably signed it, but I did not pay any attention. If my mom gives a contract to me, I sign it. I do not look at it because looking at so many numbers is a lot of pressure."

In addition, when she was asked why she did not join her good sister Charlene Choi on her trip to Finland to see the Northern lights, Gillian looked jealous and said, "I also really wanted to see the Northern lights, but I already took off 1 month during the Chinese New Year, I have no more vacation time!"

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