Gillian Chung caught looking irritated after Lin Chi-ling outshines her

18 June 2014 / 2 years 4 months ago

The Shanghai International Film Festival launched its red carpet opening ceremony on June 14, bringing together heavyweight special guests.

Gillian Chung, Vivian Wu and Lin Chi Ling attended the Shanghai International Film Festival together and coincidentally all appeared wearing revealing low-cut night gowns, reports Taiwanese news reports via Asian Fanatics.

Hailing from the three different regions of Hong Kong, China and Taiwan, the three women posing together raised a lot of attention. However, their appearance side by side also drew many comparisons.

In contrast to Lin Chi Ling's height and slim yet voluptuous figure, Lin Chi Ling stole the attention with all eyes and cameras on her. With the limelight stolen from her, Gillian's expression was visibly displeased. 

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