'Ghost marriage' for deceased Barbara Yung and Paul Chung sparks outrage

5 June 2013 / 3 years 4 months ago

Barbara Yung’s (翁美玲) fans are outraged after iCable’s paranormal program, The Unbelievable , announced that it will set up a ghost wedding for the deceased 1980s star. The station wished to revamp its program content to increase ratings. One of the programs shown on the station's Supernatural Channel will be the long-running popular horror-themed reality show, The Unbelievable, hosted by Spencer and Shum Po Yee (岑寶兒), also known as Ah Mong, reports Popular Asians. At an iCable promotional event yesterday, The Unbelievable host, Spencer Leung (梁思浩) revealed that a new segment will be introduced in the program in August. “It is management’s idea to dwell into the topic of ghost weddings. We had looked into arranging a wedding for Paul Chung (鍾保羅) and Ah Mong or Barbara Yung and I. After drawing lots, Ah Mong lost so we shall plan Paul’s wedding at the end of August. We also plan to book a funeral parlor.‘iCable received complaints for lack of respect for the late celebrities. Kent Tong (湯鎮業) who had dated Barbara before her suicide, lashed out, “Not only me, but most people will feel uncomfortable with that idea! [Ghost weddings] are not real and are just superstitious gimmick! What is their [Spencer and Barbara] relationship? They don’t even know each other. What for? Money?, In any case, she has passed on so we need to respect her family. They also have many fans. Have you spared a thought for them? This will bring shame to the entertainment industry!‘Barbara’s former costar, Michael Miu (苗僑偉) said, “Of course it shouldn’t be done! It’s disrespectful to cover a deceased person for the program.‘

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