Getting into character: Kelly Chen stopped eating meat after getting role as Goddess of Mercy

15 January 2014 / 2 years 9 months ago

After Kelly Chen landed the role as the Goddess of Mercy, she stopped eating meat in her meals.

TVB News World reported that Kelly went on a vegetarian diet for three days before the shoot as she wanted to show her respect to the Goddess, who helped those in need and was holy and kind.

Although it was merely a small role, which comprised of only two scenes, Chen asked for her teacher to accompany her to Beijing to assist with the production, even down to her gestures and speech tones.

Chen also took a leaf out of the Goddess' teachings when it comes to raising her sons.

Not only did she teach her boys to like the Goddess of Mercy, she also believbed that children should not be yelled at after making a mistake.

Instead, they should get a explanation about it, which can be done when a parent controls their emotions.

If that fails, Chen can always rely on their father to be the 'bad guy' and discipline them, she mused.

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