Getai veteran Wang Lei in hospital after joking about Ah Nan's death

13 February 2013 / 3 years 8 months ago

Getai veteran Wang Lei was sent to hospital after falling ill during his performance last night. The host had reportedly made a lot of references to Ah Nan's death, using it to poke fun at the other getai stars.Lianhe Wanbao reported that Wang Lei kept saying his partner had 'Dong Dong Qiang' (died), and apparently joked to Zheng Ying Ying that she should be happiest that night because if Ah Nan didn't die, she would not be able to stand there to replace him as host.He also made fun of Marcus Chin's clothes, a red robe, saying it resembled a corpse's shroud. Wang Lei's jibes continued until Marcus Chin sternly said, "Who says what, will get what!"On that note, when Wang Lei turned to go backstage, that was when he became pale and broke out in a cold sweat. The singer looked weak when he was visited in hospital, and he told Wanbao that he lost 3kg recently and has difficulty eating.Wang Lei also revealed that it was his first time being hospitalised, and on the third day of Lunar New Year. He was also forced to cancel his getai engagement tonight.Marcus Chin said that he is very used to Wang Lei's antics and jokes on stage, so his response was natural. However he did not expect that something would happen. He had initially advised Wang Lei to go to the hospital, but the singer had refused.Wang Lei's wife's first sentence to her husband upon seeing him in his weak stage backstage was, "You said the wrong thing again, didn't you?"View more photos and videos of Wang Lei's getai appearances in Getai A-Go-Go.

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