Getai singer Liu Ling Ling loses 15kg after health scare

4 February 2013 / 3 years 8 months ago

Big isn't always better. Local veteran singer-host Liu Ling Ling was alarmed after visiting the doctor for her annual medical check-up in September last year.She was told that if she didn't do something about her 95kg frame, her knee caps would eventually give way as they wouldn't be able to support her weight.It was a reality check for the famous 50-year-old getai performer as she had let herself go after marrying at the age of 35.After five months of following a largely vegetarian diet, Liu has finally lost 15kg and is now proud of her 80kg frame.She told The New Paper in a recent interview: "I used to have to custom-make all my clothes, which were size XXXXL. "It was tough because I couldn't just walk into any shop in town and buy clothes like a normal person.View the gallery below to see how Liu Ling Ling transformed her appearance. Also view the gallery to see other celebs who have lost weight.

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