Generous Huang Xiaoming surprises driver and gives him over S$22,000 in red packet

25 July 2015 / 1 year 3 months ago

Aside from being one of the highest-paid actors in Chinese entertainment industry today, Huang Xiaoming has also found success in his real estate, winery, and film investments.

The humble actor wants nothing more than to share his success with the rest of his colleagues and staff.

Recently, Xiaoming took some time off to celebrate the birthday of his driver, who has been protecting and taking care of Xiaoming for over ten years.

Xiaoming surprised his driver with a birthday cake and over $22,000 (100,000 RMB) red envelop as a gift, reports Jayne Stars.

When Xiaoming injured his foot recently, his driver was by his side the whole time, taking care of him.

Xiaoming said they have become as close as family over the years. Ever since establishing his studio, Xiaoming has been taking extra care of his staff. He often treats his staff to vacation, hosted surprise birthday events, and even once gifted a car.

On Valentine’s Day, Xiaoming would give each of his female staff a rose. On every Chinese New Year, Xiaoming would pass out red envelopes to the parents of the staff.

Last year, Xiaoming prepared over 1 million RMB in cash for New Year’s. Xiaoming is currently filming the Huo Jianqi film Monk Xuanzang, a Chinese-Indian historical adventure film based on Tang Dynasty monk Xuangzang’s seventeen-year journey to India.

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