G.E.M Tang goes for blood donation -- but doctor sees her doing something else

14 February 2015 / 1 year 8 months ago
Source: Asian E-News Portal

G.E.M Tang recently went to the hospital for a blood test but did not scream when her blood was drawn.

In fact the reason was because she follows what other girls do -- picking up their phones to relax themselvef.

Afterwards, G.E.M uploaded her blood test photos on a social networking site.

It seemed a bit scary, but she calmly said:

"The reason I didn't scream when my blood was drawn is because I picked up my phone and took photos.

"My doctor just knows me too well".

G.E.M's fans, after seeing the photos, told her to take care of her health.

See the gallery below for more images of the gorgeous G.E.M Tang.

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