G.E.M. Tang is getting retribution for calling Myolie Wu 'cheap' and 'fat'

14 April 2015 / 1 year 6 months ago

Ever since shooting to fame, Hong Kong singer G.E.M. Tang has been surrounded by negative reports one after another.

Recently, G.E.M. was accused of acting like a diva when she did not agree to change her song for the Chinese singing competition, I Am a Singer 2015 <我是歌手巔峰會>.

The organiser had at the last minute requested G.E.M. to change songs and cited that the rest of the singers had been persuaded to change their songs.

G.E.M. insisted on sticking to singing her song and said that changing it at the last minute would affect the quality of her performance.

Many netizens have since blasted G.E.M. for her diva attitude. Facing harsh criticisms, G.E.M. was so stressed that she had even thought of exiting the showbiz industry.

At a recent interview, G.E.M. shared that she would face all "unexpected situations" as part of the growing up process.

"The most exciting thing about life is that you can’t rewind it," said G.E.M. 

G.E.M. has also come under fire recently after a netizen exposed that she used to scold TVB actress, Myolie Wu.

G.E.M. clarified, “I was still a high school student. She was acting in the same drama as Linda Chung. I preferred Linda’s role more, so I scolded her! Sometimes, when I recall how I am being scolded now, I think it’s probably my retribution.”

In 2006, Myolie did not win the Best Actress award for her role in To Grow With Love <肥田囍事>, reports an Asian Pop News article.

G.E.M. had then remarked on the web, “Yes, that fat Myolie did not win! She is the world’s cheapest, ugliest, detestable actress who doesn’t know how to act! If she wins the award, I will blast the TV station.”

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