G.E.M slammed for arrogant attitude and diva-like behaviour

22 November 2014 / 1 year 11 months ago

Controversy has rocked G.E.M.’s career since she shot to fame in Mainland China through the "I Am a Singer 2" singing competition.

According to Jaynestars, G.E.M. is now facing criticism for her alleged diva behavior.

Tabloids insisted that fame had gotten into G.E.M.’s head and the 23-year-old singer was blasted for being arrogant and disrespectful to the media.

Unreasonably Expensive Concert Ticket Prices

G.E.M.’s X.X.X. Live World Tour, which will be held from January 14 to 17 at the Hong Kong Coliseum, broke records for being one of the most expensive concerts held by local artistes.

VIP prices reached $1,880 HKD per ticket, which charged more than some concerts headlined by international artistes.

Arrogant Attitude

During a recent press conference, traditional print media outlets asked to interview G.E.M. separately from digital media sources.

G.E.M.’s manager claimed that G.E.M. is now an international singer and she will only conduct one round of interviews.

Cheung said, “If there is lack of cooperation, today’s press conference will be cancelled.”

When the offended reporters were ready to leave on the spot, Cheung quickly changed his tune and said that G.E.M. would be willing to conduct separate interview sessions.

Cheung’s arrogant attitude and rude treatment towards the media reflected poorly on G.E.M., who was subsequently criticized for acting like a diva.

However, G.E.M. explained that she was only a performing artiste and that she was “unaware of administrative matters” and said, “I hope there is mutual tolerance and understanding among everyone.”

She explained that there have been new staff additions to her team recently and will need time to generate greater synergy.

Alan Tam Criticizes G.E.M.

At a press conference for the upcoming Chinese Gold Songs Award, Alan Tam was asked for his thoughts on G.E.M.’s recent behavior and lack of respect for the media.

Alan replied, “Wasn’t it just a misunderstanding? She is a very, very good singer, but in regards to [her] social skills, [she] still has a long way to go.”

The 64-year-old singer expressed that interpersonal relationships are difficult to manage well and urged everyone to give G.E.M. an opportunity to grow and learn.

"Her agency also needs to learn how to be more flexible.

"Just because you handle things a certain way at a certain place doesn’t mean the same methods can be applied here.

"Honestly, when it comes to the entertainment industry, it’s all about making people happy. If you make them happy, they will remember you.”


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