G.E.M. complains about being mistreated by TVB

1 February 2014 / 2 years 8 months ago

Already a successful Cantopop singer, G.E.M (鄧紫棋) reached new heights in popularity when she joined Mainland Chinese reality singing competition, I Am A Singer 2 <我是歌手2>.

Despite this, G.E.M. complained of unfair treatment at the recent JSG Music Awards <勁歌金曲> and complained that TVB’s policies were highly disrespectful.

Although G.E.M has been rather lucky in Mainland, she complained that TVB’s policies were less fair, reports ihktv.

At last week’s Jade Solid Gold annual awards ceremony, G.E.M. was only given two fan tickets to attend the show.

On the other hand, TVB gave over 20 tickets to each singer from EEG and TVB’s own music label, The Voice Entertainment Group Limited. G.E.M. had originally invited a dozen fans to watch her at the show, and sadly told them to go home first.

TVB had ordered all female singers to dress in mini-skirts to create media buzz for the award show.

However, TVB kept the venue’s temperature at 10 degrees Celsius; G.E.M. wore her jacket the entire time when she sat offstage to stay warm.

G.E.M.’s manager Cheung Tan (張丹) complained, “But the female singers wore so little; they were freezing. [TVB] doesn’t care if the singers get cold; how can they sing if they get cold?”

Cheung also angrily argued that TVB’s MCs always inappropriately poke fun at singers and put them in embarrassing situations.

As well, for those singers who win awards, they are only allotted one minute and thirty seconds to sing during their thank you speech, causing a rushed performance.

Clearly affected by TVB’s unfair policies, G.E.M felt a little discouraged and said, “I know that the Hong Kong music industry and media are unhealthy.

"I have been exchanging messages with other singers in private to support each other. Singers need to be respected in order to have the courage to continue singing.”

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