G.E.M. calls ex-BF Yoga Lin 'hypocritical' for abandoning her and her family during CNY

28 March 2014 / 2 years 7 months ago

He refused to acknowledge their relationship even when they held hands on a red carpet, but now that their romance is over, he keeps talking about her to keep his concert in the headlines.

So says Hong Kong pop star G.E.M. of Taiwanese singer Yoga Lin, whom she accused of hypocrisy in a post on her private Facebook page on Tuesday, Apple Daily reported today, reports Straits Times Communities.

On her page, for which she uses her real name Gloria Tang, she wrote: "Why are some people so thick-skinned? At the Taiwan concert press conference, the Hong Kong concert promotion and the Shanghai concert press conference, he mentioned my name time and again. Ha ha ha, when we were together, he'd rather die than acknowledge me."

She said he had been playing the gracious former boyfriend in public, saying that he wishes her well and that he will not discuss the break-up. But in fact, he had not even broken up with her properly, she said.

He "unilaterally disappeared", she said, avoiding her and her family when they went to Taiwan for Chinese New Year. The two families had agreed to have dinner but only his mother and siblings went to meet Tang and her family at a fast-food joint, she added.

Tang, 22, said she would not wish her ex-boyfriend well because she is not hypocritical. She and Lin, 26, began dating around 2010. Then, he was a rising star who had won the first season of the talent show One Million Star. Now, she is arguably the bigger name, after her meteoric rise in China on the competition show I Am A Singer 2.

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