Gary touches hearts at S'pore concert -- and even calls female fan 'chio'

2 November 2014 / 1 year 11 months ago

Leessang‘s Gary held his first solo showcase in Singapore, “Gary Showcase Featuring Jung-In in Singapore 2014,” at the Kallang Theatre on October 24.

Gary opened the show with “Zotto Mola” and “Shower Later,” followed by “You’re the Answer to a Guy Like Me,” a song that “Running Man” fans are certainly familiar with.

The next Q&A session was filled with giggles and laughter. Host Ken Lowmischievously taught Gary a local dialect - “Chio” (chee-yeoh, Hokkien)- to compliment a pretty girl.

The house burst out laughing as it sounded so much like “Ji Hyo” (Song Ji Hyo). Gary spontaneously played along when Ken went on to teach him “Ji Hyo, wo ai ni” which means “Ji Hyo, I love you.”

According to Soompi, a lucky fan was serenaded by Gary and the audience when he found out her birthday fell on the same day.

More fan service and close interaction with the star of the night took place during the games “Heart to Heart” and “Charade”. Gary impressed us with his thoughtfulness towards his fans.

When he noticed that a third-place fan didn’t receive any gifts, Gary quickly called him back to take a Polaroid picture together for him to take home.

To young fans who won opportunities to be on stage with Gary, he also showed tenderness and kindness.

After a special video showing the “Monday Couple” on “Running Man,” Jung In joined Gary on stage with songs “Bicycle,” “Your Scent,” and “The Girl Who Can’t Breakup and the Guy Who Can’t Leave“.

The next two songs had fans going wild when Gary invited them to come forward to the empty space before the stage. That was certainly the highlight of the night for his fans.

Gary closed the night with his final song “Rush.” Due to safety reason, fans were asked to return to their seats. Gary did not allow this to dampen their spirits.

Since his fans couldn’t go near him, he went into the audience and made his round to get close to his fans. What a great treat for all!

“Next time, we should hold a standing concert!” Gary quipped.

Gary came to Singapore and gave his all. Fans saw and felt his sincerity.

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