Gary Chaw vows to quit drinking after hysterical outburst -- but his agent doesn't believe him

6 November 2013 / 2 years 11 months ago

Malaysian singer Gary Chaw says he is quitting drinking for life, after he caused a disturbance at a music cafe last month and his wife threatened to leave him.

Speaking at a press conference on Monday (Nov 4), he showed his desire to stay teetotal by offering tea -- a gesture that is a show of respect to the receiving party -- to the general public in his apology, reported My Paper.

In his statement, he also said: "I will never touch alcohol again for the rest of my life."

He also repeated that statement 16 times as if to prove he meant what he said this time around, and added that his decision was brought about by a startling admission from his daughter.

One day, while he was sleeping on the sofa after having had one drink too many, his daughter came up to him and said: "Daddy, I don't like you drinking."

That statement, coupled with the chain of events that occurred recently, made Chaw decide to clean up his act for good.

Earlier, Chaw had said he would abstain from alcohol for a year after a 2009 drunken brawl with Hong Kong singer Justin Lo.

His agent did not appear to trust him, however. The agent said that if the singer broke his vow, he would "donate 10 million to an abstinence-related group", reported China Times.

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