Gao Yuanyuan & Nicholas Tse share intimate kiss on the streets of New York

18 July 2014 / 2 years 3 months ago

Two top Hong Kong stars were caught kissing in public at New York's Sixth Avenue. It was not the start of a new relationship, said Hktopten, but a scene for a movie.

According to Nicholas, the director said Beijing and New York are the opposite points on earth."Beijing represents how in love we are, then in New York is how we are together," he explained.

To facilitate the filming, the cast and crew had to shoot the scene late at night when the streets were empty.

Yuanyuan said Nicholas' character gave her such a sense of security and believed that many women would like a man like that.

The shooting, however, was shot in such cold weather that Yuanyuan confessed she would have gotten ill if they had to do a few more takes.

The duration of the filming was rather long, said Nicholas, but luckily, that gave him some time to visit the city with co-star Yuanyuan.

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