Gangnam Style Contest: 5-year-old kid takes a shot at rapping like Psy

31 October 2012 / 3 years 12 months ago

When Chiaowoon realised that his youngest son, Trevor, had Gangnam Style as an earworm stuck in his head, he decided to get the cast of their online video channel to do a music video that may make Psy proud of his music's reach.Chiaowoon wrote:"I decided to do this video after realising that my youngest son, Trevor who is five this year, can't stop singing Gangnam Style and dancing to Gangnam Style."Hence, I roped in his elder brother, Bertrand who is 10 this year, and their 12-year-old cousin Heidi to co-star in the video."My kids and their cousins have also starred in other videos we uploaded online under the name The Happy Cousins. "The entire video didn't take too long to make -- I spent about two hours shooting the video and going on my Mac to edit and produce it."Click here to find out more details on the Lollipop Gangnam Style Contest

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