Gangnam Style Contest: A 12-year-old girl produced this MV all by herself

31 October 2012 / 3 years 12 months ago

When he was shown a video of his three daughters dancing to the tune of Korean rapper Psy's now-famous hit Gangnam Style, Erwin was surprised to find out that the entire video was single-handedly conceptualized and produced by his eldest daughter, 12-year-old Erin.Erwin wrote:"Came across the contest while browsing through STOMP and decided to submit this video on behalf of my four daughters who have been enjoying this Korean hit ever since they first saw the MTV on YouTube a couple of months back."I, myself, was very surprised when my girls showed me this video done by themselves -- yes, totally by themselves at the playground beside our block two days ago -- which I thought was very well done, given their age."The 'music video' was directed, choreographed, taken and edited by my eldest daughter (she actually downloaded the movie-making software and learned it from scratch on her own), Erin, who is 12 this year."This video stars my second, third and fourth daughters, Cherin, Joerin and Terrin (the 'sabo' queen according to her sisters) who are seven, six and three years old respectively."Titled 'Singapore Gangnam Style By The Lee Sisters', I would love to share this wonderful and definitely entertaining piece of work with every followers of STOMP."Click here to find out more details on the Lollipop Gangnam Style Contest

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