Gan Lulu a buxom airhead? You're wrong -- she's a uni graduate

23 October 2013 / 3 years 3 days ago

Gan Lulu suffers the same fate as most women who flaunt their assets for fame -- people think she's dumb.

But Gan Lulu in fact graduated from the Beijing Central Academy of Drama in 2008, the same prestigious academy that produced famous names as Gong Li, Jiang Wen and Zhang Ziyi.

The academy provides tertiary and higher-level training to actors and directors, and has produced a long list of famous names, including nearly all influential actors, actresses and directors famous in China today.

Many graduates of the academy are to be found in the film and TV, and many hold key appointments of influence. 

The school was opened in 1950 and was named by Mao Zedong as the premiere Chinese drama school, and is regarded as the preeminent drama school in Asia.

So the next you feel compelled to laugh at Gan Lulu for her antics -- remember this: She's no bimbo.

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