Gan Lulu and her sister are back in action in see-through outfits

13 December 2014 / 1 year 10 months ago
Gan Lulu is well-known and rather notorious for appearing near-naked on auto shows in China.

The queen of controversy has even visited Singapore, to much fanfare at a local club.

News of her, however, whittled down over the past year but the sexy model and her sister, Gan Maomao were spotted sometime this year in matching 'nose-bleed outfits' at the opening of the Huaibei Car Culture Park in Anhui Province, reports

The report states that it doesn’t happen very often that the automotive professionals in a hinterland like Huaibei see girls so pretty and sophisticated, thus the visit aroused a lot of curiosity.

So much indeed that large numbers of security guards were needed to keep happenings in check.

Also, it was noted that Gan Lulu hardly opened her mouth when smiling anymore and the report cheekily suggests that she "possibly lost a tooth".

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