Gan Lu Lu says marrying a Singaporean man would be like striking lottery

5 June 2013 / 3 years 4 months ago

Is the mother of 'China's top nude model' Gan Lu Lu still concerned about her daughter's singlehood?

"It's not that she can't find one, it's just that she lacks the time", says her mother Lei Bingxia in a Razor TV interview.

Bingxia adds: "She's a great girl, very naive and filial too. It's as if she's not willing to look for love."

"I hope she can find someone like me. Then I can relax and she can live the life she chooses." 

And what is her ideal son-in-law?"

He should be someone like me. He should love both my daughter and our family."

Gan Lu Lu was in Singapore for the opening of Club Lava, which paid her $40,000 for the appearance, reports The New Paper.

She said: “I saw a handful of handsome guys in the crowd today. They are quite well-dressed and good-looking!‘

Even though Lu Lu, who is currently single, did not find a suitor from her appearance at the club, she had indicated earlier that she does not mind dating a Singaporean guy and eventually marrying him.

She said before the event started: “If I get to marry a Singaporean and can become a Singaporean citizen, it would be like I struck the lottery!

I would keep my eyes open for any great guys who come my way.‘ 

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