Gallen Lo skips dad's wake and leaves funeral arrangements to ex-wife

10 May 2013 / 3 years 5 months ago

A week before the birth of Gallen Lo and Sophie Su’s daughter Sela in April, Gallen’s father passed away. To ensure that the mourning and the baby’s arrival did not clash, Gallen did not fulfil the responsibilities of the eldest son and left his father’s funeral arrangements to his ex-wife Clare Fong.Gallen’s father died at the age of 83 in a public hospital in Hong Kong on April 9. A wake was held for him at the Universal Funeral Parlour on May 3. Though Gallen sent a wreath, he was noticeably absent from the wake, reports East Week. Gallen’s ex-wife Clare had to oversee and make the necessary arrangements. The funeral responsibilities of the eldest son of the deceased were taken up by Gallen and Clare’s son, Lo Yu Shing. The following morning, Gallen showed up at the funeral home with a mask on his face. When the funeral procession began, Yu Shing carried his grandfather’s photograph at the front of the procession to the Diamond Hill Crematorium. Traditionally, this duty is performed by the eldest son of the deceased. Gallen accompanied his mother and followed behind. Clare kept a low profile and remained even farther behind.After the cremation, the family went to a temple for prayer rituals and headed to a restaurant in Kowloon City for the meal after. Despite the media’s, numerous inquiries about his absence from his father’s wake, Gallen remained silent.

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