Ga In says losing weight gave her bigger eyes -- not plastic surgery

18 September 2013 / 3 years 1 month ago

As many of their fans will know, the members of Brown Eyed Girls are not shy about the topic of plastic surgery.

According to a report on, during a recent appearance on tvN's "Taxi", the members talked about their personal experience with plastic surgery, specifically Miryo and Ga In.

It all started when one of the show's hosts, Kim Gu Ra, asked Ga In, "Is the dark eyeliner hiding the possibility that you've been having double eyelid surgery little by little? I feel like your eyes have gotten gradually bigger since your debut days."

"I didn't get any plastic surgery," she said. "So many people are keeping a close watch on my eyes that I couldn't even undergo surgery. My eyes got bigger after naturally losing my baby fat."

She continued with, "Honestly, I went to the plastic surgery clinic once because I wanted to get double eyelids. However, my mother had already told the doctor, 'Tell her that it is impossible to do surgery on her eyes.' Back then, I cried a lot and gave up on double eyelid surgery. But around that time, the smokey eye make-up started becoming a trend."

Miryo also had something to say about plastic surgery. According to her, she searched herself shortly after the group's latest song, "Kill Bill", came out, and she saw that many people believed that she had left the group. Apparently, not many people recognized her after she got plastic surgery.

"I evolved with each album," she explained. JeA gave an example of Miryo's new mistaken identity. "We went to a recording studio yesterday, and Kim Na Young thought Miryo was some other rookie singer, so she ignored Miryo and greeted only the rest of us."

"I think I'm going to love me for me now," Miryo concluded. "I'm satisfied with how I look. I won't be getting anymore plastic surgery."

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