Ga In had a hard time with fish cake stick in PSY’s Gentleman

25 May 2013 / 3 years 5 months ago

Well it looks like it was not all smooth sailing for Brown Eyed Girls’ Ga In her appearance in PSY’s music video “Gentleman.‘ Ga In recently opened up and talked about the hard time she had after the success of “Gentleman.‘Ga In appeared on the May 22 show of SBS’ “One Night of TV Entertainment‘ and stated, “I had a hard time because of the ‘˜Fish Cake (Stick)’ scene in the ‘˜Gentleman’ music video.’‘Ga In added, “The mix of a fish cake (Stick) and mayonnaise does not taste good. Although people consider it a coming of age, adult joke, I actually had a hard time. After that I cannot eat anything that is long like a ‘˜hot bar.’‘PSY’s “Gentleman‘ created controversy because it was considered too explicit in South Korea.Ga In also talked about a few other scenes, “There’s a scene where I am dancing while holding on to a column, it looked very weird from faraway. It was so embarrassing.‘Ga In also spoke about how she maintains her figure, “Pole dancing is so good. Your body gets a lot more flexible.‘

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