G-Dragon's Taipei concert was 'child-friendly'

13 May 2013 / 3 years 5 months ago

He may have a bad boy reputation, having been accused of plagiarism and testing positive for marijuana, but K-pop superstar G-Dragon put on a child-friendly performance when he kicked off his first solo world tour in the South Korean capital Seoul on March 30.According to an article in The New Paper, he won the crowd over on Thursday at the Taipei Arena, presenting his multiple, colourful on-stage personas through a good mix of crowd-revving numbers and ballads.

Emerging from a futuristic glass car and wearing a bright red racing suit, G-Dragon brought the energy level up right from the start with his newly released track MichiGo.

The two-hour concert was safe, but still spectacular, with multiple LED screens flashing videos, laser lights and golden confetti showers.

Fans in the mosh pit were also in for a treat as G-Dragon went close to them from time to time during the show, letting them touch him.Personal connection seemed to be a focus for him, as he made it a point to interact with his fans in between sets, expressing how much he missed his Taiwanese fans in a mixture of English and Mandarin.

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