G-Dragon's private Instagram discovered then deleted -- but here's what offended fans

28 August 2014 / 2 years 1 month ago

G-Dragon previously released two public Instagram videos of himself fulfilling the 'ALS Ice Bucket Challenge,' but another video circulating the internet recently shows someone who looks very much like G-Dragon doing the 'Ice Bucket Challenge' yet again.

In the video, he says it's his second time and challenges three other people, who sound like Yoon noona, Yuka-chan, and "my dear Kiko (Kiko Mizuhara)."

Of course, this is causing fans to raise their eyebrows in confusion and curiosity.

It appears that this video may be something G-Dragon sent privately through Instagram Direct as some fans are claiming the video was leaked without permission, reports allkpop.

It also appears that the biggest controversy here is his calling out, "my dear Kiko," who had been involved in numerous dating scandals with G-Dragon in the past, although nothing had ever been confirmed.

With that, fans flooded into Kiko's SNS accounts to either write out their protests or to defend her from G-Dragon's fans. However, nothing is confirmed as to the authenticity of this video; not to mention, it is not unusual for two good friends to show affection by saying "my dear."

Unfortunately, as a result of this account of being discovered, G-Dragon presumably quickly deleted the account, as it is no longer available, said a Kpopstarz article.

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