G-Dragon's next solo album to feature Missy Elliot

25 June 2013 / 3 years 4 months ago

YG Entertainment has revealed that G-Dragon's next solo album will feature American hip hop star Missy Elliot.

An interview with G-Dragon's agency revealed the following: "Big Bang’s G-Dragon released his first album in August 18, 2009 right after his 21st birthday and it’s currently planned that his second studio album will be released exactly four years later on August 18."

Just like his first studio album, G-Dragon will be composing and penning the lyrics to all of the songs as well as producing each and every track. There will be ten new songs included in the album.

"He will use all of his energy to work on the last stages of the album like the music video filming and album jacket photoshoot from the beginning of July."

Just want to say again, this album is similar to the mini album released last September by the fact that it has the feeling that one is finding a hidden treasure from a box."

Asked for more details regarding the solo album, a spokesperson replied:

"Rather than having a lot of foreign artists featured on the album, we thought about having a single ‘˜legend status’ foreign artist on the album. Rather than having a male rapper, YG wanted a female rapper to be featured.

The answer was so simple and everyone reached a consensus.

The person is Missy Elliott.

"YG spent a, lot of effort the last months personally giving Missy Elliott G-Dragon’s music.

She was interested in his music and his creativity, and decided to collaborate by featuring in his album.

"More on the track featuring Missy Elliot:"YG’s main producer Teddy made this track, which is similar to Missy Elliott’s music that consists of distinct hip hop beat.

G-Dragon and Missy Elliott talked on the phone and came to an agreement on the song.

G-Dragon wrote the lyrics and rap and sent the demo to the States. Missy Elliott received the demo and perfected the song with her rap.

"This track will have a voice sampling of Korean folk song “Nuil Lil Li Ya.‘

This hip hop track will have Korean influences and will be a distinctive hip hop track.

Also, DJ and composer Diplo will be involved in this album.

And we will make another announcement regarding his album after his album’s track list is officially revealed."

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