G-Dragon tells Justin Bieber not to visit him at studio

29 October 2013 / 2 years 11 months ago

G-Dragon and Jung Hyung Don reunited at the YG studio on the October 26 installment of 'Infinity Challenge.

Jung Hyung Don wondered if G-Dragon even had time to work on the song, asking, "Are you done with your promotions?"

According to a report on Allkpop, G-Dragon assured his partner, "Nope. I only need 'Infinity Challenge'."

Jung Hyung Don replied, "I'm going crazy because of you. How did you improve on broadcast so much?"

G-Dragon continued their bromance and told him, "It's because I really like 'Infinity Challenge'. I also like hyung."

Jung Hyung Don warned G-Dragon, "I'm going crazy. Don't be like that. My face will really turn red."

Jung Hyung Don also asked about Justin Bieber, "I heard you met [Justin] Bieber the other day." G-Dragon replied, "Yes... Bieber was originally supposed to come to the studio today. But I told him not to come. Because I have to work with you, hyung."

Jung Hyung Don replied in frustration, "Tell him to come. Let's get a cut of Bieber on 'Infinity Challenge'!"

G-Dragon shared, "I don't like my artists meeting others at the same time... My artist has to only look at me."

While singing out the lyrics to their song, Jung Hyung Don mistakenly spelled out R-A-P as L-E-P which brought out a lot of laughter.

Check out their never-ending bromance at the studio here.

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