G-Dragon rushes to help crew members despite superstar status

24 March 2013 / 3 years 7 months ago

A staff member from SBS's 'Thank You' posted several pictures on Twitter and praised G-Dragon, “Considerate Ji Yong helping out staff on the set of 'Thank You.'

Us staff are very delighted.‘Â The revealed photos show G-Dragon among staff members on the filming set for 'Thank You.' moving chairs around.

The fact that G-Dragon jumped in to help others despite his superstar status warmed the hearts of staff and netizens alike, reports Soompi.

Netizens commented on G-Dragon’s act of kindness, “It’s awesome that he doesn’t mind doing the dirty work,‘

“He is so considerate and handsome,‘ and

“He is such a sweatheart. Always polite and diligent.‘

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