G-Dragon likes sensible girls

20 June 2013 / 3 years 4 months ago

G-Dragon recently held a photo shoot with the fashion magazine Cosmopolitan.

During the interview after the photo shoot, G-Dragon said, “I like sensible women.

A girl who can just say one thing or wear one piece of clothing and be sensible that way.

If she’s pretty on top of that, that would be really good," reports Oh Kpop.

When he was asked how he relieves stress, he said, “I meet friends and talk or have a drink with them.‘

He continued, “Usually when I have break time or when I rest, I sit in the office and a few guys and I talk.

If we have similar tastes, then we can talk about anything from girls to music, life, and even dramas that we watch all in one sitting.‘

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