G-Dragon’s ‘swag look’ draws attention

6 August 2014 / 2 years 2 months ago

Source: The Korea Herald/ANN 

An outgoing fashion style called “swag look” is gaining popularity among many fashion stars.

Among those, G-Dragon’s style is gaining the most attention. G-Dragon often wears “destroyed jeans,” which are considered one of the most stylish items nowadays.

The jeans have a vintage and unique look, and go well with various items like sleeveless shirts and light jackets. Along with the jeans, G-Dragon wears heavy combat boots to add a boyish and chic look.

G-Dragon’s “swag look” cannot be complete without unique accessories. Instagram pictures of G-Dragon show him wearing various kinds of big and shiny rings and necklaces, completing his stylish look.

Gold and silver goes well with the singer’s black leather ensembles. G-Dragon also adds hats, sunglasses and leather gloves.

He recently visited Hong Kong for fan meeting and came back to Korea on July 29.

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