French maid cosplayers at gathering look so bad, they're more scary than sexy

25 January 2013 / 3 years 9 months ago

Source: China News 24A Chinese game company organized what it hoped would be a record-breaking French maid gathering. The organizer claimed there would be over 300 beautiful girls cosplaying in French maid outfits in order to set a record of the “biggest gathering of French maids‘.However, only 264 female were present and 140 of them were paid to come after the gathering started. There were even some middle-aged women mixed in them and bargaining for the price!To be ugly is not your fault, but it’s not necessary for you to come out and scare people in French Maid outfits.Netizens seem to be irritated, and these were some of their comments:"This is Sparta ~300 FRENCH MAID!", "It’s pure revenge to the society..."Images 1 to 5 show the 'French maids' at the gathering, while the rest of the gallery shows other cosplayers.

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