Fred Cheng refuses to acknowledge father after becoming famous

17 October 2013 / 3 years 1 week ago

Long-time TVB actors Fred Cheng and Hoffman Cheng both had a bumpy acting career, but they went from a nobody to the star of tomorrow after participating in The Voice of Stars.

In the past few episodes on the singing show, Fred talked about his life and each time when his irresponsible father, who never took care of him was mentioned, Fred would decline to comment. He said that even after winning The Voice of Stars, he would not acknowledge or meet his father.

While growing up in Canada, Fred revealed that he had been bullied by his peers of other nationalities. "Although they didn't directly say I didn't have a father, they did still beat me. As a result, I started learning Kung Fu at the age of 6 as a form of self-defense so that I don't worry my mother."

As for the HK$600,000 award and prize money he won from the contest, he plans to give it all to his mother, states a report on Oriental Daily via Tvbnewsworld.

When Fred came back to HK, he participated in the New Talent Singing Contest and won second place. Unfortunately, his singing dreams were shattered due to issues with the record company.

He later entered TVB, where he had been a third or fourth line actor since, but despite that he still continued working hard. At one point, Fred had absolutely no jobs for a half of year.

"I thought of giving up. I questioned myself whether I was a good fit for this industry. Also, I had no income for half a year, which affected my relationship with my girlfriend at the time because I didn't have money to go on dates. I wasn't getting anywhere in my career or my love life, at the time I really felt like a failure." 

Fred later decided to take 3 weeks off to take an acting course in Canada, and he regained the passion for acting.

"Because of that course, I got the devotion back. My attitude towards work and life changed completely."

Even when his mentor Eric Moo said he's going to be the "Next Eason Chan", Fred did not feel proud at all.

"Over the last many years, I've put in all my effort into work, but have gotten nothing back. Now, I've learned to just face everything with a normal heart, just do my best, but not anticipate for anything in return. The most important thing is to enjoy the process." 

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