Former 'World's fattest woman' divorces husband and has new BF after losing weight

3 August 2015 / 1 year 2 months ago

Mayra's husband (left) and her new beau (right).

Mayra Rosales from Texas used to weigh 444.5kg, and could not even walk on her own.

She was once dubbed 'half-ton killer' when she took the rap for her sister for the death of her nephew.

She falsely confessed that she had accidentally rolled over him in order to save her sister. Autopsy results also showed he died from multiple injuries to his skull and her sister eventually confessed to the crime herself. Her sister was then sentenced to 15 years' jail. 

The 34-year-old turned her life around in order to care for her sister's remaining children.

Shelost 5kg on her own in the first 10 days of the weight loss program.

She then went for 11 surgical procedures and had her weight cut down even more to 227kg.

Mayra has since lost about 80% of her original weight and currently weighs 90kg.

Mayra used to weigh so much she could not clean herself. Her husband named Bernie had religiously washed, cleaned her and cared for her for many years.

Thus, netizens were miffed when Mayra announced on Facebook that she had divorced him in 2013.

She now has a new boyfriend, whom she posts regular photos of. 

Netizens slammed her for ditching her husband who had taken care of her so unconditionally. 

However, she shared that it was because he wanted to move back to Mexico to be with his family. Other netizens have also defended her, saying that we do not know the full story behind the divorce.

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