Former TVB employee dishes the dirt on Ron Ng

15 April 2014 / 2 years 6 months ago

A former TVB employee, who goes by the name Ngai Man Ho talked about Ron Ng and Raymond Lam’s rude behavior in his new book, TVB’s Blood, Tears, and Dirt.

In the book, Man Ho reveals his negative experiences during his seven months with the company, reports via Jayne Stars.

At a recent promotional event for Ruse of Engagement, Ron denied the accusations and said he was not been affected by the allegations.

Ron said, “I wasn’t unhappy, because I thought it was funny. It’s his way of promoting his book, and there’s no point for me to discuss this further to help him do that.”

Ron said he could not recall who this man was, but Ngai Man Ho claimed they worked tother for more than three months while filming The Four.

In his book, Ngai Man Ho claimed Ron exhibited poor attitude towards TVB’s backstage workers and often hurled curses at them.

In response, Ron said was nice to all the workers and was not afraid that the reports would hurt his reputation.

“I do occasionally curse,” he admitted, “But I would never direct a curse at someone.”

Ruco Chan said he has never heard Ron or Raymond use profanities at TVB staff.

Ruco is not surprised that the book is full of negative stories.

“Of course, it’s going to be about odd stuff if he’s going to get it published. Why would he talk about the artistes loving backstage crew? It’s good as promotion, and I hope it sells well!”

Leanne Li also supported Ron and even praised him as a gentleman.

“I’ve never heard him curse. When we filmed together, he was such a gentleman and had a lot of patience. I really admire him!”血淚屎>

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