Former Power Rangers and Kamen Rider stuntman uses skills to rob homes in Japan

11 September 2014 / 2 years 1 month ago

A former “Power Rangers” and "Kamen Rider" actor has been arrested in Japan on robbery charges.

Yasutomo Ihara, 32, was a suit-wearing stuntman on both shows, reports Elite Daily.

Apparently, Ihara used his stuntman abilities to break into Japanese homes by climbing up the sides of them or by employing the aid of nearby telephone poles.

He is said to have ripped off 43 houses and taken over $77,000 worth of money and items.

Ihara retired from stunt work after hurting his knee five years ago.

He was supposedly saving up for acting school and desperate for money.

It looks like that dream is probably dead as Ihara awaits sentencing.

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