Former Miss Hong Kong quits TVB and sells fish balls in Causeway Bay

18 April 2014 / 2 years 6 months ago

Some Miss Hong Kong finalists become movie queens. Others marry money.

Then there is the 1994 winner, Halina Tam, who is now selling fish balls in Causeway Bay after a slump in her entertainment career, says Apple Daily.

She set up the shop last month and business has been so brisk - about 3,000 fish balls are sold every day - that the shop is in the black and she plans a Mong Kok outlet.

The 41-year-old resigned from TVB in 2011, after 18 years and supporting roles in dramas such as Glittering Days (2006). Her monthly salary was HK$18,000 (S$2,900) then, and the last straw was when she got an increment of HK$300, says the report.

She says she is thankful for the media reports about her shop. "Mondays to Thursdays, there're lots of mainland and Taiwanese tourists. Some of them come to us carrying magazines. Fridays to Sundays, there're more Hong Kongers."

When local media reported on her new venture, many fans flocked to Halina’s shop for a chance to meet her. Halina welcomes their business and kindly takes photos and chats with each of them.

Since news broke, her shop saw a steady stream of curious people, locals and tourists alike.

According to a report in Jayne Stars, every day, she sells 3000 fish balls, 2000 siu mai, and 3000 rice rolls, making roughly $340,000 HKD (S$54,926) so far.

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