Former Miss Hong Kong contestant shares tips for great legs

28 June 2013 / 3 years 4 months ago

Selena Li has been in the entertainment industry for ten years, and is a former Miss Hong Kong contestant.Selena is not the type to laze around at home when she is on break. She must keep herself busy at all times, reports She said, “Whenever I’m on a break, I will go on a trip. Whether it’s a long trip or short trip, leaving the work environment for even a moment helps me find balance in my life. I have friends living all over the world. I book a flight, pack a few clothes, and just go and relax.‘Selena also loves make up and keeps herself busy by discovering and reviewing new beauty products. Does Selena have any suggestions for female fans?“Do not eat foods with vitamin C before going out to the sun! That darkens your skin faster. Also, sunscreen is very important. It’s a routine that we can never skip. Your body must be covered with a lotion that is at least SPF 24, and your face must be applied with sunscreen with at least SPF 50 PA+++. Do not always touch up your makeup. That will just pile the products on your face, and that gives you lumps on the face.‘What is the best technique to achieve great legs? “I recommend steppers. That doesn’t hurt the knee as much as running and it can tone your thighs really well. Also, try not to drink too many cold drinks. I, haven’t changed my eating habits much. I still love junk food, but I’ve been eating a lot of organic foods lately. I also drink a protein shake or veggie juice every morning, and my skin has improved so much because of it.‘Images 1 to 14 show Selena Li, while the rest of the gallery shows other celebs with great legs.

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