Former F4 star Vic Chou reveals he 'may get married tomorrow'

17 June 2015 / 1 year 4 months ago
Source: JayneStars

In the film 'Detective Gui', Vic and his father are estranged. Vic said that while he and his father are not very talkative, they share a tacit understanding of each other. “We don’t use words to communicate. We know that we are very important to each other.”

Vic does not share his career with his parents and family. When he returns home, he wants a normal life. “There is too much gossip in the entertainment industry. [My parents] will have their own emotions and opinions, and I don’t want them to be affected.”

Although his parents are divorced, Vic is still as family-oriented as ever. His father and mother may have left a scar in his childhood, but he still wants to have children and aims to provide a “complete family” for his child.

Currently dating Taiwanese actress Reen Yu, Vic was often asked about his marriage plans. “I always think about this. Ever since I debuted at age 19, I’ve been thinking about [marriage]. You are always growing, and I feel that my relationship is stable. As for my next step, I want to follow wherever my frame of mind takes me. If one day, both of us think tomorrow is the right day, we may take the next step. I am not in a hurry, but I still want to have a family. It is something that I must do, and will do. I am not someone who plans everything out. Maybe I might [get married] tomorrow.”

F4 Reunion? 

At 19, Vic met Meteor Garden co-star Edward Ou in Taipei. Edward wanted Vic to audition for the series with him, but the shy Vic could not deal with the pressure and “hid under a staircase.” It was there when producer Angie Chai discovered him, and cast him as Hua Ze Lei, becoming a member of the legendary F4.

Although F4 is no longer active, fans are still harboring the wish to see the four members reunite. When bandmate Vanness Wu uploaded a selfie with Vic recently on Weibo, rumors about F4’s reunion once again circulated the web.

Vic clarified, “I met with Vanness for dinner a few days ago as we were both in Beijing. We talked about many things, including the possibility of a F4 reunion. Should we do a drama or a concert together? There are many possibilities.”

He then added that a F4 reunion is not easy to arrange. “We are all very busy, and there are often times when we would we just disappear. When I disappear, they won’t be able to find me

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