Is former diving champion Guo Jingjing pregnant?

27 February 2013 / 3 years 8 months ago
Former Olympics diving champion Guo Jingjing is reportedly pregnant after photos of her showing signs of early pregnancy at a recent public appearance in Hong Kong fuelled speculations from the media.

According to an Oriental Daily report, the retired Chinese athlete, who is married to Kenneth Fok, was photographed with what seemed like a fuller figure through her attire.

On top of gaining a bit of extra weight, Jingjing was also seen wearing flats and a loose-fitting top, which is the the usual get-up of a pregnant woman.

To further fuel the pregnancy rumour, she kept touching and covering her stomach every now and then.

Also, Kenneth was seen staying close to his wife and taking care of her.

So will there be a baby for the happy couple in the Year of the Snake? Well, Kenneth's dad Timothy, also an influential businessman in Hong Kong, joked: "Maybe Jingjing has had too much rice cake during Chinese New Year!"I've not seen her after Chinese New Year.

Let's talk about this after I've met up with her," he said.
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