'Foreign admirer' left Michelle Wai his number on her car

5 August 2013 / 3 years 2 months ago

In the wake of her steamy scene in her latest movie, Michelle Wai Si Nga said she has been receiving attention from strangers, including an certain 'foreigner'.

According to a report on HKtopten, Michelle joked that she did not know whether the film will bring her luck meeting men.

She said: "Lately I have been lucky with people, twice people asked me for my contact. The first was a foreigner. He stuck a note with his phone number, email and facebook account on the rear view mirror of my car; the second time was on the train, two people asked me for my WeChat number.

"I of course didn't give it, but it has been years since something like this happened to me. It was quite a blast from the past."

As for what the foreigner looked like, Si Nga said, "He looked like a regular foreigner, but not the type that I like."

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