Football star Neymar sends private jet to fetch model he met in Ibiza

24 November 2014 / 1 year 11 months ago

Barcelona star Neymar sent a private jet to collect a model he met in Ibiza.

Best way to ever start a second date? Probably, reports UNILAD.

Serbian model Soraja Vucelic was picked up by private jet and flown to Barcelona to meet the man she had a fling with during a holiday in Spain.

He met the ultra fit model, 28, last year and they have been Skyping regularly ever since, Tabloid Kurir reports.

Not only did he have her picked up and sent straight to him, he also had her female friend come along.

They stayed with him in Barcelona for several days before jetting back off. Most girls would be lucky to get a free Uber these days.

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