Foodie celeb Anthony Bourdain wants to bring Singapore-styled street food to New York

15 January 2014 / 2 years 9 months ago

Anthony Bourdain, former chef and food-and-travel TV personality, wants to take the humble hawker centre to New York.

The acerbic host of popular shows such as Parts Unknown, The Layover and No Reservations will be collaborating with New York businessman Stephen Werther on a large food market which will feature international street food, which My Paper reported, citing a New York Post article on Thursday (Jan 9).

The yet-unnamed project, which will feature food from all around the world, could be called the Anthony Bourdain World Market.

It will "introduce Americans to Singapore-style street food", the Post said.

Bourdain, who has travelled the world in search of good food, will bring his expertise and experience from dining all over the globe, sources told the Post.

The market will be located in a development in Manhattan that is under construction, and could be housed at 3 World Trade Center, the Post said.

Mr Werther said pop-ups will tease New Yorkers' tastebuds between now and the opening. The concept may also be expanded to other areas in the future.

Bourdain was in Singapore last year for the inaugural World Street Food Congress, organised by food consultancy and street-food guide publisher Makansutra.

At a dialogue during the congress, he predicted that young people will continue to "mutate" street food.

"It's going to be young hipsters who do not want to be lawyers... They're rejecting what their parents tell them (to do) and, instead, they decide to open a bunch of hawker stands serving delicious, possibly strange, food," he said then.

The food market also promises to nurture young chefs by giving them a platform to experiment.

In an episode of The Layover featuring Singapore, Bourdain said: "You know, most cultures, most places, they treat street food like a problem to be solved. But, for me, it's the No. 1 reason to go to Singapore."

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