Florinda Ho and Joel Chan back together

2 May 2013 / 3 years 5 months ago

Joel Chan successfully won the heart of heiress Florinda Ho again on a trip to London two weeks ago. According to a report on Popular Asians, Joel was extremely attentive to Florinda and finally convinced her to give their love another chance.Last year in December, the couple had a big argument over the fashion business they were starting. In early April, Florinda posted a message on her Weibo that said, “Love = Money‘, hinting a breakup with Joel over financial disagreements.Florinda then flew to England and enjoyed a shopping spree to take her mind off the breakup. She consulted her feelings with her younger sister, Laurinda Ho (何超蓮). Florinda did not expect to see Joel in England. When he arrived, she was suffering from food poisoning. Joel thus took the grand opportunity to provide her the utmost of care and gained back her love.On April 17, the couple reportedly took a flight from England to Portugal to celebrate their reconciliation. They had vacationed in Portugal last year as well, and Florinda had posted a romantic photograph on her Instagram. The couple hoped to reminisce the sweet times they had in the country.Allegedly, Florinda and Joel headed back to England to continue their vacation after their Portugal trip. After getting back together with Joel, Florinda, stopped uploading her Instagram so frequently. She even deleted some photographs, afraid that people would be able to track them down with the location.Although Florinda and Joel’s love has its shares of ups-ands, Joel has managed to win back Florinda’s heart. Joel’s chances to become the future son-in-law of casino tycoon, Stanley Ho, have been kept alive.

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