First Linda Chung, now Raymond Lam reportedly leaving TVB too

14 September 2013 / 3 years 1 month ago

Although TVB executives are confident that he will renew his management contract, Raymond Lam (林 峯) may have other plans in mind.

After losing the TV King title last year despite his massive popularity, Raymond is reportedly unhappy with TVB and has considered leaving when his contract expires early 2014, reports Jayne Stars.

Deeply in love, Raymond most recently agreed to make a guest appearance in girlfriend Karena Ng’s (吳千語) upcoming Lunar New Year film. He may even take things one step further and join her management company, Raymond Wong Bak Ming’s (黃百鳴) Pegasus Entertainment.

Reporters caught up with Karena at a fashion event on September 11 for more details regarding Raymond’s future plans. Dressed in a casual striped top and black jeans, Karena was in good spirits as she posed with Pakho Chau (周柏豪), her previously-rumored love interest.

When asked if working with Pakho would upset Raymond, Karena replied, “I don’t feel awkward working with Pakho Chau, we have known each other for a long time. We were under the same company before. [Raymond] probably doesn’t know [that we are working together]. I don’t have to notify him about my jobs every time. They are good friends and often run into each other at work”.

When asked to address rumors that Raymond is switching companies because of her, Karena said there have been many false news regarding this subject and it is impossible to comment on every single report.

When reporters brought up that TVB executive Virginia Lok (樂易 玲) was in a rage after Raymond ignored her phone calls to discuss his career decisions, Karena said, “I have not heard about this, but I have a general idea of what this may be about. I feel like it was set up for the sake of a big story, as if someone was hiding under the table and overhears everything. The circumstances are very exaggerated!"

Karena added that she and Raymond like to keep their work and personal matters separate, and that Raymond has far more industry experience and therefore has no need to consider her career advice or opinions. When asked if it is a good idea for Raymond to join her company, Karena said, “It doesn’t affect our work at all. We will not be working together just because of this… the most important consideration is opportunity to expand and develop. I really cannot speak on his behalf regarding his career matters.”

Since Raymond has kept quiet about his ultimate decision, much of the reports are only speculation. Although TVB and Pegasus Entertainment seem to be the two strongest contenders for Raymond’s affections, other reports alleged that Raymond actually has plans to establish his own entertainment company, opting for a more behind-the-scenes role as film producer and talent manager.

In an earlier article, Linda Chung was reported to be leaving showbiz for a period of time, which she later confirmed.

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